Matt Leinart thinks Ken Whisenhunt was not a good hire by Titans

During a roundtable on “Fox Sports Live,” Matt Leinart said he doesn’t believe his former coach, Ken Whisenhunt, was a good hire by the Tennessee Titans. His reasoning: the Titans don’t have a quarterback.

Leinart harkened back to his days in Arizona under Whisenhunt and, according to the former Heisman winner, much of the Cardinals’ success was due to Kurt Warner. The team went to a Super Bowl with Warner under center, but slipped to 5-11 after he retired.

Without an assertive veteran quarterback in Tennessee, Leinart believes Whisenhunt will have trouble succeeding.

For Leinart’s take on the Titans’ coaching situation, skip ahead to the one-minute mark in the below video.

[h/t CBS Sports]