Matt Millen thinks Missouri is a top-two team, time for ESPN to put him to pasture

  • CME

    This writer is dumb. You try to put down MU and look how easy everyone else’s schedule is. Complete vs

  • Bill Morrow

    There are at least 12 teams that could beat any other team on any given day, and Mizzou is definitely one. Obviously Mr. Bass has a horse in this race, otherwise why all the vitrol towards our Tigers? Mr. Bass, why don’t you state your allegiance before you write this crap, attacking a man with an NFL resume who has either played or watched a lot of football over the past 40+ years? M-I-Z!

  • keith walker

    MU fan here but dude has a point. mu is not top two worthy right now, still has to earn respect and can by going into oxford and taking the game, which they are the better team. But saying they could hang with FS, bama or stanford? right now you just can’t. He is hyping his next game and he WAS the worst GM in NFL history, just horrid.

    You want to be considered with the best? Don’t lose a game when you are winning 17-0 late in third quarter, that’s how.

  • keith walker

    Beat Ole miss then Johnny Football in his last college game in columbia. THEN we can talk with a lil more authority.

  • Bad Contract

    Matt Millen is that family uncle that won’t stop drinking the dumb juice. That being said I am more than happy that Missou and A.M. have come into the SEC and succeeded. It means the conference picked the right teams. I’m a Tennessee Vol through and through, and hope that we can compete with the big boys sooner than later. I would love to see Missou take out Ohio st. in a bowl game or A.M. outgun Baylor. Go SEC!

  • ken

    so the great jonathan bass feels the need to mock matt millen and the missouri tigers, as well. game on, bud. show me where matt millen said, unequivocally, that missouri is either the number one or number two team in the country. you can’t, can you? you can’t because HE NEVER SAID THAT. you’re either a liar or you have severe cognitive dysfunction. the man said “i’m not so sure that missouri shouldn’t be in that conversation.” to anyone of average intelligence or honesty, that’s a long way from saying “missouri is the number one or number two team in the nation.”

    beyond that…who do i think knows more about football? a nobody (jonathan bass), or a 12-year NFL all-pro linebacker with 4 super bowl rings and a continuing NLF-oriented career as both a team executive and telecast analyst for both pro and college football? wow, that’s a tough one.

    at least you’ve given a credible, even-handed argument that amply illustrates the particular reasons why you find the idea of missouri being a top-two team “ridiculous.” wait…you mean gleefully insulting the person with whom you disagree with names such as “patsy,” “buffoon,” “slobbering,”windbag,” and labelling his opinion “idiocy” and “ridiculous” doesn’t constitute a slam-dunk, airtight refutation of the opinion? wow…and here i was, all set to high-five the nobody on his beatdown of a prohibitive favorite in this bout.

    still just a nobody, i see…and a very rude one, at that.

  • ken

    not laughing quite so hard now, are you, chumpy boy?

  • ken

    maybe it’s time YOU were put out to pasture, no?