Memes: Jacoby Jones, Sweet Pea, Fred Smoot and a bottle beat down

jacoby jone sweet pea meme

On Monday, TMZ reported that Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones got bashed in the head with a bottle by a stripper named Sweet Pea.

Both were on a party bus at roughly three in the morning celebrating Bryant McKinnie’s birthday.

Whatever presents McKinnie got were probably pretty great, but the memes see Jones’ injury as the gift that keeps on giving. Fred Smoot, the okra patch sprinter, completely agrees.

fred smoot jacoby jones sweet pea meme


Jones wants nothing to do with the Sweet Pea Patch…

jacoby jones sweet pea meme

In all honesty, maybe Jacoby should forget Smoot and Pacman. Maybe he just needs to take a step away from the strippers for a bit. There’s another Sweet Pea out there that seems to be a lot more friendly.

jacoby jones sweet tea stripper fight 6

Finally, well, let’s just say Jones had himself a pretty bad night.

jacoby jones sweet pea stripper fight 1