Merril Hoge: Jadeveon Clowney Not A Very Good Football Player

With the NFL Draft now happening in May, we’re awarded the fortune of listening to analysts spin more controversy and generate “news.” The latest byte from ESPN’s spin cycle is courtesy of contrarian Merril Hoge. Did you know that, “as a football player,” Jadeveon Clowney isn’t very good?

ESPN Ratings Blueprint

Step 1: Select a talented college player one year before he enters draft.

Step 2: Tout said player as “guaranteed top pick in next year’s draft” at given position or overall.

Step 3: Pump player throughout entire season, make player a household name.

Step 4: Analyze player once he declares for draft.

Step 5: Tear down said player, and deconstruct one year’s worth of publicity with two months of blanket statements.

Step 6: Rinse, wash, repeat.