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Merril Hoge Thinks Johnny Manziel Is A ‘Juvenile Punk’

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Cred: Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Football season is back, y’all. And with football season comes Merril Hoge and his extreme opinions – for better or for worse.

Up first for Hoge, Mr. Johnny Manziel. Or shall we call him Mr. “Juvenile Punk.”

During a radio segment with Randy Baumann and the DVE Morning Show on Wednesday, Hoge went hard at the rook, stating that Manziel has no business playing, and that he’s going to end up like Tim Tebow.

“There is nothing that he does that transitions to the NFL,” Hoge stated. “There’s not one skillset he has that you say, ‘Gosh, he’s a first rounder…’ This guy has no business playing. If they put him in, quite honestly, it’s not helping their chances to win. It’s jeopardizing their chances to win.”

“This will be the saddest, quickest ending we have seen in quite some time. It’ll be like a Tim Tebow (situation).”

Those are just a couple of quotes from the segment. Let’s listen in to Hoge’s opinion, which often comes off as a personal attack.

Hoge may very well be right, but his analysis would carry further if he could only describe Manziel in a more professional manner. Alas, that doesn’t bring the ratings. Shock and awe it is.

[H/T Larry Brown Sports]

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  • cb

    Merel is just jealous his Jersey never sold more than 13 in Pittsburgh! Touchdown Johnny can give him the finger too!
    He is a lousy analyst and was mediocer football player to boot! Tebow would make a better color commentater
    than Mr Streep!

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