ESPN’s Merril Hoge shreds Tim Tebow over decision not to play as Wildcat quarterback [Video]

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Fast forward to roughly the 2:30 mark.

If you’re a Florida Gators fan, you’re going to be incensed, to say the least.

For everyone else, feel free to point and laugh.

Chronicling the rise (and fall?) of Tim Tebow.

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  • Guest

    Hodge is a fraud…

    • Jeff Berryhill

      At least Jaws has an NFL resume to be able to comment. Hodge has nothing. Has Tim proven himself? He won in high school, won a national championship by himself in college and was part of a second, he won at Denver taking a losing team and putting a win streak together and a playoff win. Maybe he deserves a chance and if he isn’t given the nod over a LOSY Mark Sanchez then it’s a PERSONAL issue from Rex Ryan who i hope gets canned sooner rather tan later. And oh by the way I don’t want Tim in Jacksonville… No reason for him to come to a loser just for some tickets. Go out west. Get away from the home crowd. Jax is terrible go somewhere where there is at least a chance for success…

      • Bob Kahn

        Hoge is an idiot!! He should be with the Jet organization, as this franchise is a joke. get a life Hoge!!

  • William Swartz Jr

    Hodge is by far the biggest douchecanoe employed by ESPN and is and has been so anti-Tebow that you can not take him seriously when he opens his cakehole to spew his bile!!

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  • Hoge_Hater

    Hoge … you suck! Used to like hearing what Jaws and you would discuss, but irritates me that you decide to call out a back up QB when there is not much to really call out! Think you should be neutral on this topic since the NFL kinda needs some solid character guys in the league … with comments like that – he has more character than you obviously!

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  • Danasha Wilson

    Hoge you silly donkey!!! Tim is nothing but a team player and he deserve to have a chance to play quarter back. All he ask for is a little playing time to show he can be a NFL QB….And by gosh he damn sho deserve it!!!

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