Mexico fans hammer American fans with beer at World Cup qualifying match [*NSFW* Video]

Photo courtesy Deadspin

Photo courtesy Deadspin

A 0-0 tie is just that, a tie, unless it’s a World Cup qualifying game played between the United States and Mexico in Azteca Stadium in Mexico City.

In that case, it’s actually a win for the Americans, who entered Tuesday night’s showdown with a not-so-stellar 0-13-1 record in the 100,000-plus seat stadium. The team also tied Mexico south of the border back in 1997.

The point is, the overwhelmingly Mexican-filled stadium was frustrated watching the tie, while the Americans grew increasingly more rowdy until the end of the game.

At that point, the Americans taunted the Mexicans after the match, only to have beer rain down upon them from every angle. The video is grainy, but you can see drinks being spilled in the air throughout the two minutes of footage.

We’re pretty sure the American contingent would not have been quite so bold had they not been walled off and protected by riot police. We can’t blame them, though, how often do Americans get to celebrate like this in Azteca Stadium?


Here is some more footage of Americans exiting the stadium following the match. If you notice, the Mexican police essentially have to barricade Mexican fans in order to allow the American fans to safely exit.

h/t: The Big Lead

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