Miami Dolphins playoff scenario for 2014: All they’ve got to do is win

There are two games left for the Miami Dolphins in the 2013 regular season. Win both, and the ‘Phins are in the 2014 NFL Playoffs.

Baltimore holds a similar 8-6 record as Miami, and the tiebreaker from a 26-23 Oct. 6 win over the Dolphins. So both teams winning out and finishing with a 10-6 record means that Baltimore is in and Miami is out, right? Not so fast, my friends.

Enter Cincinnati. The Dolphins hold a Halloween tiebreaker over the Bengals. If Baltimore is to win out, they would beat Cincinnati in the final regular season game of the year. At best, the Bengals would finish at 10-6. That means the Ravens would win the division. The Dolphins would earn the wild card due to having the same record as Cincinnati, as well as having beat the Bengals in the regular season.

If Baltimore doesn’t win out, while Miami does, the Dolphins are in the playoffs as well.

It’s pretty simple, all Joe Philbin’s boys have to do is win. Considering their remaining games are against at the Bills and Jets, it’s very realistic that the Dolphins will be playing in January 2014.

Hopefully Philbin is playing a lot of the following in the locker room.