Heat fan flips off Joakim Noah in face following ejection, somebody get this lady another beer

heat fan flips joakim noah offMiami being Miami. That’s simply the only explanation for this classy Heat fan giving Joakim Noah the middle finger as he was ejected during Wednesday night’s Game 2.

Noah came off the bench to argue a call, but was teed up for his second of the game, thus taking the long walk to the locker room.

Little does this lady know her move now has her face plastered (there’s something about “face plastered” that seems ironically Miami, but we digress) across the blogosphere and Twitterverse.

Keep it classy, Miami.

[H/T Last Angry Fan, via @HPbasketball]

  • Mexoplex

    see thats why players jump in the stands and whoop ass. So disrespectful.
    I wish he would have jumped at her- make her flinch.