Miami Hurricanes throw it back to Vanilla Ice for #BeatFlorida week, but why?

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BTZmzW6CAAEw4PX.jpg-largeIt’s officially Florida vs Miami game week. That means, it’s time to do a little hating on our little brothers down south.

Two days until gameday, which means it’s Throwback Thursday. Normally you’d throw it back to a legend, or someone respectable, but not the official Twitter account for University of Miami Athletics. No, they chose instead to go with none other than Vanilla Ice, aka the ultimate douche.

You can’t throw it back to Vanilla Ice. Nobody ever throws it back to Vanilla Ice.

At least throw it back to Brock Berlin, the former Gator-turned-Hurricane who ripped the hearts out of Gator Nation.

Now that I’ve hated enough, can’t wait to see you all in South Florida for the game. It’s going to be one heck of a showdown.

vanilla ice miami hurricanes

miami hurricanes vanilla ice meme

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