Miami’s Big 3 of LeBron, D-Wade and Bosh when Tim Duncan won first ring [Photos]

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Tim Duncan and his San Antonio Spurs are back in the NBA Finals following a six-year absence from the fun.

To commemorate what some believed the superstar was too old to pull off, allow us to hop into the way back machine for a moment.

The year is 1999. Tim Duncan, the Spurs’ No. 1-overall pick, had just won his first NBA championship as one half of the vaunted Twin Towers. The other member was, of course, The Admiral, David Robinson. The legendary 7-footer was in the twilight of his career, while Duncan’s was just about to blossom.

But neither could have known that a trio of future All-Pros were beginning to come into their own in three different parts of the country — Miami’s Big 3.

How could they?

As the photo above shows, LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh were all still blossoming teenagers.

Bron Bron was only 14 years old in 1999, going into his freshman year of high school as he watched Duncan soak up the championship champagne.

Chris Bosh, also only 14, was still shorter than his old man, although obviously that would not last too much longer for the 6-foot-11 power forward.

Finally, Dwayne Wade was just a few years older at 17, but the future superstar blossomed late and only stood 5-foot-8 at the time. He had dreams, but no one could have guessed that he’d potentially be facing that year’s NBA champion center for a chance at yet another ring 14 years later.

As of writing, we don’t know if the Big 3’s Heat will be taking on Duncan’s Western Conference Champion Spurs, but if so, it will be fun watching all four of these stars face off, knowing how far each will have come to make it to that point.

Photo via Business Insider

Photo courtesy MTV’s ‘When I Was 17’, via Business Insider

Photo via Business Insider

Photo courtesy MTV’s ‘When I Was 17’, via Business Insider

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