Michigan AD writes blog post in defense of Brady Hoke, won’t fire him

“Brady Hoke is our coach and will be leading our football program well into the future.” So began the Nov. 27 blog post from Michigan’s athletic director Dave Brandon.

Rather than hold a press conference, or give an off-hand quote to the media, Brandon wrote a 1,059 word blog post in defense of his head football coach. The Wolverines’ athletics director made no excuses for the football team’s underwhelming season. He did, however, give a thorough, logical explanation for retaining Hoke.

Brandon discussed the growing pains new coaches face, citing Nick Saban and Jim Harbaugh as recent examples.

Many don’t remember that Alabama finished fourth in its division during Nick Saban’s fourth year with the Crimson Tide. At present, Alabama seems to be doing pretty well!! Stanford had 4-8, 5-7 and 8-5 records under Jim Harbaugh before reaching its current string of consecutive BCS appearances. This shows that it takes time for the right leader to build a consistent winner.

He also addressed the Wolverines’ current recruiting.

Our coaches are recruiting nationally from New Jersey to California, from Michigan to Florida, and continue to bring in the type of young men that can compete on the field and in the classroom at the University of Michigan. The depth that this program needs to be a consistent winner is coming, but it doesn’t happen overnight or in one or two recruiting classes.

In defending his coach, Brandon urged fans to be patient.

I have seen firsthand what Brady and his coaching staff are doing to make this program better. It takes time and sometimes patience by all of us before we can build the consistent winner that meets our expectations.

While some fans may disagree with Brandon’s decision to stay with Hoke, they can’t deny his passion in the Wolverines program. In a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately world, it is refreshing to see an athletic director who understands that it takes time to build a program.

For Brandon’s complete post, please click here.

  • Marlon Glenn

    It takes patience…unless your name is Rich Rodriguez. Well…then all bets are off. Three years is more than enough time for you RR! The hypocrisy at the UM is disgusting. They deserve all the losing they are getting.