Michigan AD admits school paid for ‘GO BLUE’ skywriting over Spartan Stadium

Photo: Trevor Parks/Twitter

Photo: Trevor Parks/Twitter

Well isn’t this quite the interesting development. During Michigan State’s Week 3 home showdown against Youngstown State, a plane sketched “Go Blue” into the sky – an obvious trolling by rival Michigan.

The trolling itself was indeed pretty straightforward. However, the folks behind the hiring of the plane might be a bit surprising.

It was not an enterprising, well-to-do Michigan fan who ordered up the skywriting, but actually the Wolverines athletic department itself.

“We hired the skywriters to canvas southeast Michigan with slogans and numbers prior to our game last Saturday,” said Michigan athletic department spokesperson Dave Ablauf to MLive.com. “There were no locations targeted…”

Sure, we’ll believe that one when pigs fly.

As for how much it costs for skywriters to actually fly, Suzanne Asbury-Oliver, who along with her husband runs the company Michigan used on Saturday, would not divulge specifics. However, even the ballpark estimate is pretty big.

“It’s a multi-thousand-dollar job,” Asbury-Oliver said. “First, it’s $2 per mile for how far we have to take the plane, then the lightweight oil we use (to skywrite) is expensive, and we use about a gallon and a quart each letter. Then for these kinds of jobs you have to throw in hotels and all that.”

Imagine the mayhem if something like this was flown over the Horseshoe in Columbus, Ohio.

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