Texas WR Mike Davis defends cheap shot against Iowa State on Twitter

On Thursday, Texas wide receiver Mike Davis barreled into the knees of Iowa State’s Deon Broomfield covering him. Twitter exploded over the perceived cheap shot.

As the video above clearly shows, Davis’ actions were unwarranted and could have resulted in a very serious ligament injury.

Davis, however, doesn’t see anything wrong with his actions of the field. On Friday the Longhorn took to Twitter to remorselessly explain that he plays “to the whistle.”

Even if that means potentially injuring a fellow student-athlete.



What do you think of Davis’ play and subsequent reaction? Are we all overreacting, or is there a real issue here that Mack Brown needs to get under control?

[H/T: CFB Reddit]

  • Coach

    “I was taught that” – well, there you go. In case you were wondering about the Texas coaching situation and the need for change. When you get very highly recruited athletes and require very little discipline, you will eventually lose control and stop being an effective coach and well run team. There are many examples of this happening to good programs and all have to rid their coaching staffs to get it back under control and be successful again.

  • David Reece

    Really, he was taught to cut someone’s knees?


    No coach teaches any player to do something stupid on the field! Davis did this all by himself because all night long he had been shut down by a 5’9″ defensive Back! Davis has been a tremendous disappointment at Texas since day 1.