Coach K sends letter to Michael Jordan after MJ turns down Duke for UNC, class move by the legend

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This letter is an awesome piece of history dug up by Darren Rovell, ESPN’s Sports Business Reporter.

Way back in 1980, a recruit by the name of Michael Jordan — you may have heard his name before — chose the baby blue of North Carolina over the dark blue of Duke.

Blue Devils head coach Mike Krzyzewski was in his first year as the program’s leader and he was hot on the trail of the future legend. Despite not being able to land MJ, and knowing that the Blue Devils would have to face him for the next four years in the Tobacco Road showdown, Coach K sent Jordan the following letter, in which he told him: “You are a fine young man and you should make an immediate impact on whatever you choose.”

Coach K couldn’t have been more honest with that line.

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