Mike Milbury trashes Alex Ovechkin again: ‘Act like a man, for god’s sake’

Alex Ovechkin won’t be inviting Mike Milbury over for dinner anytime soon. (Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports)

You have got to love when announcers/analysts trash players on the air, especially when it’s Mike Milbury ripping on Alex Ovechkin.

On Wednesday night, the Washington Capitals squared off against the Philadelphia Flyers and Milbury decided it was time to once again bash on the Capitals’ star.

Some of the not-so-nice critiques Milbury had for Ovechkin were:

He should be ashamed of himself.

No fight in this guy.

When you’re a big star like this, you don’t have to act like a baby.

He should be embarrassed by this and so to should his teammates.

Get up and act like a man.

The criticisms go on and on and on…

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