Washington Nationals’ Mike Morse has a pretty slick ride [Photos]

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Photos courtesy Nats Enquirer

Mike Morse, after being drafted by the Chicago White Sox back in 2000, was part of the trade that sent Freddie Garcia to the Second City and Morse himself out to Seattle. He spent a few years there, and played a few different positions. Unfortunately for him, big boys have a hard time at shortstop, so not only was he moved to the outfield, but eventually to Washington after slumping at the plate.

He has been with the Nats since 2009, and in that time his game has improved right along with the rest of his team. He now plays first base as well as outfield.

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In all that time and in all that traveling, Morse must have developed a good taste for slick cars. How else to explain this ballin’ whip?

Photo courtesy Nats Enquirer

H/T: Nats Enquirer

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