Mike Tyson believes Dennis Rodman has committed treason

Former boxing heavyweight champion Mike Tyson has weighed in on Dennis Rodman’s latest trip to North Korea, as well as the circus surrounding it. Iron Mike believes that Rodman has committed treason.

“It’s treason. It’s treason, 100 percent. Look, I’m not politically incarnate or anything, but when you examine what treason is, it’s treason,” Tyson said. “He’s in another land, that’s an enemy of our land, and he’s talking [expletive] on us. He’s talking really bad to our guys over there.”

“And he’s defending [North Korea]. And plus they’ve got one of our guys over there in prison, and he’s defending them, saying ‘do you know what that guy did?’ Well you don’t either,” Tyson said. “You become his lackey. He must have paid them with money, I’m sure he’s getting paid. I’m sure Dennis is not doing this out of the kindness of his heart.”

Earlier this week Rodman gave a bizarre, rambling interview with CNN, where he could barely speak. He later confessed to being drunk during the segment.

Then, a team of retired American NBA players played, and lost, an exhibition game against North Koreans. Before the ceremony, Rodman gave an idolatrous rendition of “Happy Birthday” to Kim Jong-un.

Mike Tyson doesn’t always make a lot of sense, but in this case he seems to make some pretty salient points.