Mike Wallace takes to Twitter following Jason Collins announcement

Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Mike Wallace (17) prior to the game against the Dallas Cowboys at Cowboys Stadium. (Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports)

Recently signed by Miami, Mike Wallace created a firestorm after tweeting out his reaction to Jason Collins’ announcement that he is a gay pro athlete.(Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports)

On Monday, 12-year NBA veteran Jason Collins provided a watershed moment for gay rights activists when he chose to become the first openly gay player still active in any of the four major American sports.

In recent weeks and months, the momentum toward this moment had been building. Outspoken activist and former Ravens linebacker Brendan Ayenbadejo had claimed that four NFL players were primed to come out at the same time, thus alleviating the pressures on just one.

However, Collins jumped the gun, taking the burden upon himself. While, for the most part, the public reacted in the same manner that Bill and Chelsea Clinton did, many people were worried that negative reactions might arise through hate or ignorance.

While recently signed Miami Dolphins receiver Mike Wallace in no way reacted to the news in hatred, his response via Twitter was, indeed, one of the issues many foresaw in a gay male player choosing to come out.

mike wallace gay athlete reaction

The above tweets have since been deleted (via Herbie Pallotta).

In fact, Wallace took to Twitter one more time to publicly apologize for potentially offending anyone.

It sounds like Wallace, personally, is simply into women. Obviously, no issues there. He does not have to understand why others choose to be or are different than him, he just has to understand it as fact: People are different, in race, religion, sexuality, whatever.

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