Minnesota reporter leveled on live report on Vikings-Packers playoff game [Video]

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The Vikings had to win a lot of games just to be able to earn a trip to the playoffs as the NFC’s sixth and final seed. Perhaps by the time Minnesota actually got there, the team was just plain old out of gas.

Well, its fans sure weren’t. KARE11 TV reporter Lee Valsvik was knocked over while filming a live play in the middle of a restaurant. There are plenty of questions here. Chiefly among them, what purpose was served in that guy running straight at Valsvik in the first place? Of course, there are no answers, so we’ll leave the rest of the conjecture up to you, the erstwhile reader.

Of course, had the Vikings themselves played with a little more of the reckless abandon shown here, perhaps Valsvick might be reporting from San Francisco for the second week of the playoffs.

Instead, running back Adrian Peterson and Co. were sent home by the Pack Attack, 24-10, to lick their wounds.

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