Missing you Texas vs. Texas A&M…sort of.

Texas said adios to A&M with a last-second win in College Station last Thanksgiving. The Aggies will be missed….sort of. Brett Coomer – HOUSTON CHRONICLE.

This week is a bit different than the ones I remember.

The century old tradition of playing Texas A&M ended last year after egos and dollar signs muddled conference realignment and tradition.

It’s something a UT fan feels but never says. I miss them, but in a different way than you miss a friend who has moved away.

I miss making fun of the Yell leaders. You know A&M doesn’t have female cheerleaders right?

I miss the overall record of the rivalry: 76-37 in favor of Texas. Ending the way it began.

I miss the McCoys doing work at Kyle Field.

I miss friendly smiles masking deep loathing.

Ok, you get it. It’s fun to have the Aggies as our rival. They’re everything the Longhorns are not. Maybe it’s just that I miss a traditional rivalry game. You know, an end of the season blood feud.

[Rivalry Week: Give thanks, for it’s rivalry week once more]

TCU doesn’t feel the same; it’s a replacement for a certified and proven product. Oh well, it’s still a big game for Texas.

But I don’t feel all that bad. Texas always says OU is its biggest rival. A&M was the little brother who Texas would beat up on in it’s way to a bowl game.

I guess they wanted to move to a place they could do the beating up. The SEC was licking its chops, but A&M seems to be having the last laugh. The SEC isn’t that good, yes, you heard me!

Last year’s conference realignment showed how deep college football goes into Texas culture and society.  One of the oldest rivalries in the country was cut off with fingers being pointed both ways.

But, I’m over it. I was at last years’ game in College Station; I was happy to be there. In case you forgot…

Texas putting the words of “Texas Fight” to use: “And it’s Goodbye to A&M”.

  • Gigem

    The SEC isn’t that good? It’s only the CURRENT home to 8 of the top 10 teams in the country. Just in case you forgot, the Big 12 only has one. Please tell me why they aren’t good.