Can o’ Swag vs. Cash Money: Does Mississippi St. or Alabama have better recruiting pitch?

mississippi state recruiting letter

Marlon Humphrey/Instagram

What we are looking at above is yet another super-swaggerish recruiting letter sent out by Mississippi State assistant coach Geoff Collins. This one was addressed to elite cornerback prospect Marlon Humphrey, but it really involves so much more than that. First, of course, it is hand-written. You cannot go wrong showing a recruit that you have taken the time to express your excitement over that young man’s visit or scholarship offer in a personally penned note. Next, coach Collins gets Humphrey’s friends involved – and even has one drinking out of a Can of Swag, which is obviously the Drink of Champions. It’s another great move when trying to recruit talent in bunches.

But how does it compare to the sleek, cut-and-dry recruiting tool Nick Saban and his well-oiled Alabama machine use below? In just the most recent NFL Draft alone, former Crimson Tide stars inked contracts worth in excess of a combined $50 million dollars.

Pictures are fun, but money talks.

Or does it?

If you were a superstar recruit preparing to take on the best of the best in the SEC, which approach would best appeal to you? The Bulldogs have gone with a far more unique, personalized approach. However, at this point, Saban needs only to flash his title rings, point to the dollar figures, and start reeling five-star guys in.

So, the question is simple enough, but there is an entire life behind it. Where would a player who sees both of these letters in the mail want to spend the next 3-5 years of his life? StarkVegas, or the $50 million football factory?

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Photo via OCNN/Twitter

Photo via OCNN/Twitter