Mississippi State’s Geoff Collins sends more recruiting letter swag

Way back in April (it now seems like years ago with the approach of football season), we posted a “Can of Swag” recruiting letter sent from Mississippi State assistant coach Geoff Collins to elite cornerback prospect Marlon Humphrey.

The letter was a hand drawn work of art, bringing a new wrinkle to the ever-increasing recruiting letter game.

Apparently, Collins has gone back to the drawing table, literally, to send Mr. Humphrey another swaggerish recruiting letter (seen below).

The letter seems to be some sort of recruiting pitch for Humphrey and two of his talented teammates, hence the line “the ‘Big 3’ of Hoover High in StarkVegas.”

The three players have been coined by Collins as Young Magic, Fruit Punch and Buggs Life. Young Magic is rocking a microphone, possibly signaling his musical talents. Fruit Punch has very large biceps and a gold medal that looks like something Bob Marley would hit. And, last but not least, Buggs Life is rocking the “Can of Swag,” tabbed by Collins as the drink of champions.

If the whole recruiting and coaching thing doesn’t end up working out for Collins in the long run, he obviously has a calling in the art industry.

mississippi state recruiting letter[H/T From Whom The Cowbell Tolls, via Marlon Humphrey/Instagram]

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