Missouri ejects “The Antlers” student section from second game

The Missouri Tigers’ passionate student cheering section, “The Antlers,” has come under fire recently for its behavior during games. According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the group was ejected from consecutive games against Gardner-Webb and IUPUI.

Ejections were made because the fans apparently didn’t adhere to the university’s core values.

“When we see people that don’t reflect the values of what we do as an institution, certainly those things are disappointing to us as a university,” (athletic director Mike) Alden said after the game. “We just want to make sure folks represent the university with class.”

“This is a collective position by our institution, that we want to make sure that our students and our staff reflect this institution with class, with dignity, with respect, with responsibility, with discovery and excellence,” he said. “When they don’t, it’s tremendously disappointing to all of us.”

The Antlers were given a handful of issues to resolve after the administration was unhappy with their actions during the seasons’ early games. Following is a list of some of the cheers with which the university took issue.



University officials and Emmett Delaney, the group’s leader (aka the Grand Poobah), have met in order to eliminate some of The Antlers’ vulgarities.

While The Antlers are currently garnering national attention, they are not the first, nor will they be the last student group to come under fire for obscene chants. From Oregon fans calling Kevin Love’s grandmother a whore, to the Cameron Crazies throwing condoms at Herman Veal after his sexual abuse charges, college students often cross the line.

In taking care of matters such as this, it must be a state of constant vigilance for administrators. When enveloped in the rebellious environments of rivalries and less-than-PC heckling, college students often don’t think about the real-world connotations of their cheers. Only once they get a little older, gain some perspective, and step away from the chaotic fandemonium, does sanity prevail.