Missouri, Texas A&M Revenues Skyrocket From Big 12 To SEC

When schools switch conferences, we hear that, above all their litany of reasons, it’s all about the money. Thanks to USA Today, who obtained tax records from the SEC’s fiscal year of 2011-12, we can now put a figure beside the relocation.

During their final full year (2010-11) with the Big 12, both Missouri and Texas A&M earned a little over $12 million ($12.5M and $12.2M, respectively) from conference distribution. In the schools’ first full year with the SEC, they each earned $19.5 million – more than a 50% pay raise.

With such a hefty increase, coupled with maximized exposure with the newly formed SEC network, it’s little wonder Missouri and A&M fled for the greener pastures of the SEC. As Lester Freamon says: when you follow the money, there’s no telling where it’ll take you.