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Mizzou fans create website

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The struggles of the Missouri Tigers in their inaguaral SEC season have been well documented. Mizzou is coming off a 19-15 loss to perennial bottom dweller Vanderbilt, and the program is still looking for their first SEC win.

The Tigers are 3-3 on the season, however Mizzou fans aren’t satisfied. Someone has created, a beautifully designed website if I must say so myself, devoted to the firing of Missouri’s head coach Gary Pinkel.

Pinkel, who has been the head coach at Mizzou since 2001, has an 88-57 record while coaching the Tigers. Not too bad for a program that doesn’t exactly have a long history of success. Over the last five seasons he has led the Tigers to records of: 12-2 (2007), 10-4 (2008), 8-5 (2009), 10-3 (2010) and 805 (2011).

I guess when you join the big boy league, your expectations get blown way out of proportion.

Welcome to the bottom of the SEC barrel, Tigers. Did you really think you were going to come into our league and run the show? I hope you ready for Bama this weekend. Roll Tide.

h/t Throw The Flag Blog

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