Morgan Freeman kicking it with Ole Miss cheerleaders, brings sweet voice to Hotty Toddy land

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Photo courtesy Busted Coverage

What? Did you think Morgan Freeman had lost his touch? The dude was married to Myrna Colley-Lee until 2010, but in all that time Freeman’s sultry-smooth voice and general BAMF-ness never dissipated.

The true legend is now putting his skills to use on the open market. Oxford, Mississippi is not generally considered a basketball town — or a sports town of any matter, really, unless football coach Hugh Freeze can do some more wheeling and dealing on the recruiting trail.

However, when Kentucky came to play on Tuesday night, Freeman did as well. This boss pulled off the full-on, double arm wrap of a group of Rebels cheerleaders, taking a particular interest in the lil miss thang under his right arm.

[Morgan Freeman’s hanging out with cheerleaders, Johnny Football’s ballin’ out with Rick Ross]

Can’t blame the guy for makin’ moves, now can we?

As for the game, we can blame star Ole Miss guard Marshall Henderson. While he did put up 21 points, very few moves were made in going 5-of-19 from the floor and 2-for-11 from distance in the 87-74 loss to the Wildcats.

So, yeah, Ole Miss? Losers on Tuesday.

Morgan Freeman? Winning. Always.

Photo courtesy Busted Coverage

h/t: Busted Coverage

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