The Waldorf Hotel in Naples is selling “Fried Gator” shots before FGCU-Florida game

Photo courtesy @darrenrovell

Photo courtesy @darrenrovell

On Friday night, one of the biggest Cinderella teams the NCAA has ever seen, Florida Gulf Coast, will take on one of basketball’s perennial powers, the Florida Gators.

The Sweet 16 matchup pits David against Goliath for home-state bragging rights, and it’s personal.

FGCU fans have already chanted “F the Gators” on a live SportsCenter broadcast, so they will obviously be cheering against UF, but now they can drink against Florida as well.

According to ESPN Sports Business Reporter Darren Rovell’s Twitter account, the Waldorf in Naples, Florida is now offering “Fried Gator” shots. It is comprised of Blue Curacao, Sweet and Sour mix and and Jagermeister — because what is binge drinking for a Friday night basketball game without Jager?

We love this, of course, but let’s try to keep from spewing black, Jager vomit at three a.m., alright FGCU fans?

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