National Congress of American Indians releases PSA opposing ‘Redskins’

The National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) has released a strategically timed PSA denouncing use of the term “Redskins.” The video depicts Native Americans of past and present, and shows the richness of their culture.

The commercial’s overlying theme is that Native Americans go by many names, but not “the ‘R’ word.” NCAI picked this week because the heightened media presence covering the Super Bowl lends a larger platform.

“Cheering for a football team should never include the casual use of a racial slur. It is important for all teams and all of their fans that the name of the D.C. team is changed.”

Below is the group’s video:


  • jsatt

    That is rediculous. They should be proud of their hereitge. If a team would consider the “” White Guys, I would love it!!

  • Steven Watson

    If DC can use Redskins, then the N-Word should be a free for all in DC. No harm, no foul with each.

  • Bill

    I guess that the current living American Indians, of which I have the utmost respect for, do not realize that the choice of names for a professional sports team is made as an honorific gesture out of respect and honor bestowed upon the source of that choice. There’s not a darn thing degrading about the name “Redskins” at all. In fact, it should be viewed from the completely positive perspective.

  • Jeffro


  • ScottW

    Bill – “Redskin” is a racial perjorative. It’s a slur. There is nothing positive about it.