Paul George Fractures Tibia During Team USA Scrimmage

Paul George suffered a gruesome injury during Friday’s Team USA scrimmage. George collided with a stanchion after chasing down James Harden, fracturing his tibia.

George was rushed to the hospital and immediately underwent surgery. The procedure was successful, with no damages beyond the fracture reported. However, it appears that the Pacers superstar will likely miss the entire 2014-15 season.

Out of respect to George and his family, Team USA called off the remainder of the scrimmage. Team USA basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo offered the following statement in a post-game press conference.

“This is a very tough blow. Not so much about us, but about Paul. [The injury] is a first for us in USA Basketball. … It’s very, very emotional. There’s no way the game could have gone on under the circumstances.”

According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, the injury, which happened on a routine play, was likely the result of stanchions being placed closer to the court than usual.

“This is the stanchion where Paul George got his foot stuck. This is closer than the normal NBA regulation should be. I have to admit: I don’t know what the actual definitions are, but I know from just eyeballing it that it may be a foot or two closer to the baseline than you’d normally have at an NBA arena …. That’s one of the issues with this arena. It’s why the NBA won’t have a team back here and it’s why they haven’t’ brought the All-Star game back here. Even if they wanted to take the stanchion back even further, the stanchion as is is almost in the tunnel.”

A picture comparison appears to prove Windhorst’s point.

George took to Twitter following the injury to thank all his friends, family and fans for their support.

Below is video of the injury. Be warned that the footage is gruesome.