REPORT: NBA All-Star Game Moving From Charlotte To New Orleans

The 2017 NBA All-Star game site has officially been moved to New Orleans, according to a source who spoke with The Associated Press.

The game was originally scheduled to be played in Charlotte, North Carolina, but in light of recent discriminatory state laws, the NBA has decided to change the location to New Orleans. No official announcement has been made.

The NBA decided last month to move its marquee even from North Carolina because of a state law that limits anti-discrimination protections from lesbian, gay, and transgender people.

Despite being a Southern state, Louisiana has not passed any laws similar to those seen in North Carolina. Governor John Bel has reiterated the state’s stance on straying away from discriminatory legislative efforts while lobbying to bring All-Star weekend to New Orleans.

This will be the third time New Orleans has hosted the NBA’s All-Star Weekend.

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