NC State wheelchair fan and forward CJ Leslie talk about upset of Duke on Today Show

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The NC State Wolfpack were expected to play extremely well in 2012-13. However, no one expected an upset of then-No. 1 Duke in front of thousands of rabid members of the home faithful. Totally losing their minds, Wolfpacks fans stormed the court to celebrate the win over the in-state college basketball big boys.

At the same time, and in probably one of the greatest/ridiculous decisions of all time, wheelchair-bound NC State fan Will Privette asked his friend to push him towards center court in order to join in on the absolute melee.

Things got legitimately scary for a moment in there. Privette got knocked over in the fray. He had been recording the court storming on his phone until it and his glasses got thrown into the crowd as he was toppled from his wheelchair.

That is where star NC State forward CJ Leslie comes in. The big man saw what was happening, moved a few fans out of the way and picked Privett up into his arms.

This story has since grown into a national headliner, and it is fantastic to see student and star each enjoying their moment in the spotlight together. When the two spoke on the Today Show on Tuesday morning, Leslie really exemplified what the intended experience of any student-athlete should be all about.

It should be about smiles, laughs, school spirit and — in the case of Privett — a little bit of risk-taking.

Wonder how much court-storming Privett is planning on doing if his Wolfpack make a run to the Final Four?

And yes, the greatest ‘Roll Pack’ t-shirt ever has come out of this great story as well.