NCAA selling Texas A&M No. 2 shirts with ‘Football’ on back, might as well put ‘Johnny Manziel’ on them

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We could not make this nonsense up if we tried. After earning the nickname Johnny Football, leading Texas A&M to a double-digit win total and then winning the Heisman Trophy as a freshman, Johnny Manziel’s life has been completely turned upside-down.

We are not going to get into the laundry list of offseason brew-ha-ha so closely chronicled by every blog under the sun. Recently, however, what had been shenanigans has reportedly crossed into a far more serious area: ESPN’s Outside the Lines broke the fact that the NCAA is looking into whether or not Manziel sold autographs for a five-figure fee.

Receiving monetary compensation of any kind for one’s signature is a big-time no-no in the eyes of the governing body of collegiate athletics. Manziel is not allowed to profit off of his abilities, or his nickname, until he has left College Station for the NFL.

The NCAA, as we have learned, has absolutely zero problem making as much cash as possible off of Manziel’s “Johnny Football” moniker.

Above is a screenshot of the NCAA’s official shop’s website. No joke. Manziel’s jersey No. 2 is being sold as a t-shirt with the word “Football” on the back.

Even CBS Sports’ Bruce Feldman and ESPN’s Jay Bilas have taken notice.

How many other shirts with a number on it (for example, 45 or 67 or 88 or whatever number you’d like) are being offered with the word “Football” on the back of it?

None – Manziel’s No. 2 is the only one.

So, the NCAA has absolutely no qualms about charging $21.95 for a t-shirt that is obviously profiting off of Manziel while at the same time threatening to end his collegiate career for profiting off his own name?

Exactly – and apparently, in the convoluted world that is NCAA governance, this all makes sense and is totally fair, honest and ethical.

The best part? The above maroon isn’t even the only color Johnny Football’s No. 2 is offered in. These complete rip-offs of JFF’s greatness also come in blacks:



A nice white is for the ladies of the 12th Man. At least this one doesn’t have “Football” on it, but that might actually be disappointing, considering this bad boy can only be yours for a cool $54.95 plus shipping and handling:



Let’s take one more close-up look at the maroon, just to be sure:



You stay classy, NCAA.

Or don’t, it’s whatever.