Boise State Broncos’ all-blue uniforms may be banned by NCAA Rules Committee

Boise State Broncos wide receiver Shane Williams-Rhodes (11) runs for a big gain during first half at Bronco Stadium verses the Miami Redhawks. Boise State defeated the Miami Redhawks 39-12. (Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports)

If it looks like there is a heck of a lot of blue in the above photo, then you and the NCAA Football Rules Committee agree.

In fact, the Committee feels there is so much blue that, according to Yahoo! Sports, a new rule has been proposed to ban single-color jersey and pants combinations if they match the color of the playing field.

When the Committee met, the group proposed several new rules to try to improve the game in some way or to make it safer. One of the most notable changes was the unanimous passing of a rule that calls for a player to be ejected following a helmet-to-helmet hit.

However, while such a rule would absolutely affect every player at every school at every level of the game, this far smaller addition was tacked on towards the very end:

To require teams to have either their jersey or pants contrast in color to the playing field.

Obviously, Michigan State wears green jerseys. So do teams such as Baylor and South Florida. The rule would affect these programs as well, as they play on green grass.

But the only school in the nation that plays on its trademark blue turf is the Boise State Broncos. Being in such a remote area and playing at such a small school, Boise’s blue playing surface has helped the entire school gain national attention. It has become a point of pride for seemingly the entire state.

And now it feels like, after years of being kept out of the nation’s biggest games despite a decade of elite football, the NCAA is picking on these ever-bullied Broncos yet again.

The proposed rule change (as well as that for the helmet-to-helmet hit ejections) now must earn approval from the Playing Rules Oversight Panel. Should that happen, we will never see blue-on-blue-on-blue again.

Which will have all of Boise State seeing red.

At least Boise State’s issues pale in comparison to those facing Lane Kiffin and his USC clown show.