2013 Wisconsin Badgers football helmet: Do you like these concepts?

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Image courtesy Johnny King Design

The Wisconsin Badgers win games — plenty of games — one way: Old School.

With a offensive line that regularly outweighs that of the Green Bay Packers, Wisco grinds opposing Big Ten teams into submission. In setting college football’s all-time record with 83 total touchdowns, running back Montee Ball regularly found himself trotting through holes big enough to drive a truck through.

Well, after struggling in some of the squad’s biggest games in 2012, including a tough Rose Bowl loss at the hands of Stanford, perhaps it’s time for a bit of an upgrade to a new-school look.

[Talk about new school >> Check out Jared Berggren posterize this hapless Hoosier]

The folks over at Johnny King Design would seem to agree. This is the site’s original Wisconsin Badgers helmet design, the above image given a glossy finish while the bottom was kept matte.

While these may never see the light of day, it sure would be fun to see the speedy James White zig-zagging his way into the end zone with this giant Bucky helmet on, don’t you think?

Share your thoughts on these new schools designs below!

Image courtesy Johnny King Design

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  • Johnny King

    I updated the design recently, I had been wanting to adjust a couple things. It’s pretty similar. I just changed a few things that were bugging me, and added other angles to get a better idea how the helmet works. For better photos, http://www.johnnykingdesign.com/2012/02/my-wisconsin-badger-football-helmet.html

  • http://www.facebook.com/leonard.weirich Leonard Weirich

    I will admit the design is unique, but to be honest, it is nice.

  • Smoke Manmuscle

    LOVE IT! Wisconsin needs helmets like this (they also need more distinctive uniforms, but that it a topic for another day). No other college football team wears helmets like this, so it would help solidify the Wisconsin brand. Practically speaking, a numer of schools in the Big Ten have rad and white helmets such as Nebraska and Indiana, and soon Rutgers and Maryland (though they often wear alternate helmets these days). They really need a new look to set themselves apart from other schools. For example, I was watching the Rose Bowl last year with my parents when UW played Stanford, and they were having problems telling which team was which.

  • PulaskiRedRaider_5

    I love it! Iv’e always thought that Wisconsin’s uniforms were kinda boring and plain and i think these will help us stand out and become more popular like Oregon with all there alternate uniforms. good job!

  • Patrick dyke

    No not like the helmet last live it was

  • Patrick dyke

    I donot like the helmet get rid of it

  • CLW

    Iliked a helmet that the Badgers had around the Vanderkellan era. It was a large W, that started at the front facial opening, & curved to the back. Kind of St.Louis Rams Horns style. I hate the red W on the helmet & uniform. It’s to generic. The Badger head is cool, but would like to see the head smaller. Were you could be the Badger nose & teeth. Above the facial opening.

  • Nathan_123

    Considering that Nebraska is now in the conference and their unis are iconic, I’d say Wisconsin is badly due for a change, but this is a confused blur. If you aren’t familiar with the logo than it’s just a bunch of random shapes. Why can’t these uniform designers figure out simple is better? If you can’t doodle it on the back of a notebook or an office memo it isn’t memorable enough.

  • baloney

    Orange red helmet? great. now how about pokadot pants and lavender shoes. Who IS THE COLOR BLIND DESIGNER BRING BACK THE TIME HONORED CARDINAL!

  • Ron Clements

    No. God no. Just no.

  • manny

    Hi @johnney king umm so i was wondering if u have sent ur design because ireally likethat design