Auburn releases design for new, 2014 Toomer’s Corner [Photo]

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History comes and history goes, and with the passing of time and years come the advent of new traditions, as well as the evolving of old ones.

Over the weekend, Auburn fans sent a historic tradition off in style with one final rolling of the oaks at Toomer’s Corner. If you haven’t had a chance to see this impressive aerial view yet, check it out.

The trees themselves were poisoned by Harvey Updyke Jr., a die-hard Alabama fan. Updyke was sentenced to five years probation for his crime after spending six months in jail. Thus, the school will be tearing what has been there for decades and will be completely redesigning Toomer’s Corner.

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Luckily, the tradition of rolling will remain, although the feel will prove to be a bit different.

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An arcing path design, set to be implemented in 2014 with the planting of two oak trees, was selected after a series of public workshops and an online survey in which more than 10,000 alumni, students, fans and friends provided opinions and ideas.

“We are unveiling the results of your ideas today,” said Bill Stone, Auburn Alumni Association president, who helped unveil an artist’s rendering. “I can tell one thing for certain: Live trees will be planted on the corner and the great tradition of rolling the corner will continue.”

Auburn University’s Office of Campus Planning and Space Management and the architectural firm of Nelson Byrd Woltz/jB+a Landscape Architects led the efforts in gathering ideas and choosing the design.

Officials said the new design will place trees farther back from the intersection; maintain the existing and historic character of the corner; retain the 1917 gates in their current positions; add more seating and shaded areas; and include the planting of additional trees along a curved walkway through Samford Park.

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