New Orleans Hornets announce name change and new Pelicans logo [Gallery]

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Images courtesy Sports Illustrated, Los That Sports

When the franchise in New Orleans originally announced its intentions of switching its name from the ‘Hornets’ to the ‘Pelicans’ the switch was met with a mix of skepticism and perplexity, to say the least.

However, with the team’s official announcement on Thursday and the official unveiling of the new Pelicans’ logos, all of that skepticism was put to rest.

The logo is actually pretty legit.

[But does it beat out these other potential design concepts?]

Moreover, after moving from Charlotte, the franchise has had a tenuous, at best, relationship with its new city. With franchise player Anthony Davis, this re-branding effort affords the club the opportunity to connect with the city of New Orleans and its fans on a whole new level.

The Pelican is the state bird of Louisiana, and it also symbolizes the city’s rebound from the disastrous BP oil spill of a few years back.

Hopefully, the team’s wins can increase in proportion with the Pelicans’ newfound connection to their home city.

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