New York Giants players visit Newtown kids, give them a play day to remember

dave diehl newtown kids

The town of Newtown, Connecticut was shook to the core in December 2012. A crazed gunman entered Sandy Hook Elementary School, tragically killing 20 children and six faculty members.

We all have heard of the victims and how their families have been affected. However, some people are overlooking the victims that are still alive and have to deal with the ordeal on a daily basis. These individuals range from parents, administartors, teachers and, of course, the children who had to live through the nightmare.

The New York Giants recently made sure that those kids had a day to just forget about the tragedy. A handful of Giants orchestrated a play-day with the little kids of Newtown — kids from Sandy Hook Elemntary and surrounding schools — this past Thursday. Some of the players who made an appearance were punter Steve Weatherford, offensive linemen David Diehl and Kevin Boothe, as well as 17 other G-Men.

“My daughter is 6 years old. You couldn’t imagine having that happen to your family and how tough it would be to have your daughter at the school and be in harm’s way like that,” Diehl told Mike Garafolo of USA Today Sports. “When it’s your family that’s never been put in that situation or you have a healthy daughter, it’s your obligation to go out and help others. … It wasn’t about being a New York Giant and doing this thing for PR or any of this stuff. I don’t even like doing this interview because we did this strictly for the kids and for them and took the night so it was all about the kids. It wasn’t about us.”

The players played a number of games with the children, including tug-o-war, basketball, and other activities. Below is a video of Steve Weatherford jokingly celebrating his big tug-o-war win over the students.

Class act all around.




(H/T CBS Sports)