New York Jets knew New England’s ‘Field Goal Push’ was coming

A better-than-expected New York Jets team moved to 4-3 on the year with a 30-27, overtime win over hated divisional rival New England. However, Nick Folk’s game-winning field goal would not have even been attempted had the referees not flagged the Patriots on the kicker’s first attempt for “pushing” a teammate at the line of scrimmage.

A rule keeping one player from pushing a teammate forward to block a kick was enacted prior to the season. Either Coach Bill Belichick didn’t know, or he didn’t care, as his players attempted the push a week before against New Orleans.

While watching game film, the Jets coaching staff  noticed the illegal move and, prior to the Sunday’s game, alerted officials that Patriots might try it again.

For those upset that the refs may possibly have been playing favorites, understand that coaches chat with officials prior to every game.

Breer went on to clarify exactly what Belichick did wrong. He tried to get away with something he knew the refs might notice. He took a gamble, and was burned for it.