Thursday’s the New Friday Drinking Game: Jets at Patriots

Photo: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Photo: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

TGIT. Man, it’s been a long week. I’m ready for some football. The NFL has thrown a little wrench into my humble drinking column. Initially this was supposed to be for the ESPN Thursday night college games. But the NFL, as they’re wan to do, creeps on everyone’s territory. They’re like kudzu. Not that I’m complaining.

When faced with the prospects of TCU/Texas Tech or NE/NYJ, I’m taking the pros. Call it east-coast bias, but I just see more potential for boozing in this one. If you don’t get NFL Network, head down to your local watering hole for a few pitchers.

Since nothing goes better with booze than gambling, here’s my pick for this game. I like the Pats (-13) at home. The image of Bill Belichick potentially plunging the proverbial dagger into another Jets coach is just too strong. All right, lets go blow off some steam.

1 If by Land; 2 If by Air

Every Rushing Attempt (1 Drink)
Every Completed Pass (2 Drinks)

Game Play

Sack (1 Drink)
Fumble (3 Drinks)
Interception (5 Drinks)
Kickoff/Punt Return (Waterfall from kick to whistle)


Footage from Around Town (1 Drink)
In-game Shot of Owner/GM (2 Drinks)
Sideline Report (3 Drinks)
Show Schedule/Standings (4 Drinks)
Interview with Coach (5 Drinks)
Guest in the Booth (10 Drinks)
Player described as “High Motor” or “Welker Type” (20 Drinks)

NY Jets

Sanchez on the Sidelines (1 Drink)
Rex Ryan Clapping (3 Drinks)
Darrelle Revis Name Drop (5 Drinks)
Rex Ryan with Head Down/Dejected Look (10 Drinks)
Fireman Ed Name Drop (Pour Out a Little Liquor)

New England

Julian Edelman Catch (1 Drink)
Gisele Bundchen Name Drop/Camera Shot (3 Drinks)
Wes Welker Name Drop (5 Drinks)
Teddy Bruschi Name Drop (Chug a Brewski)
Aaron Hernandez Name Drop (Take a Shot)

Physical Challenge

In honor of Rob Gronkowski, we’re having an arm wrestling competition. It must take place in between the 3rd and 4th quarters, after contestants are nicely lubricated with booze. Loser’s choice: either buys the winner a Jager Bomb or Keystone Light (totally Gronk’s drinks)