New York Jets ‘smitten’ with Geno Smith, Mark Sanchez could be traded by season

Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports

Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports

Early talks out of the New York Jets’ rookie mini-camp is that the franchise really likes what they see in quarterback Geno Smith (West Virginia).

Brian Costello of the The New York Post has reported that “many in the organization are smitten with Smith” and that “it’s beginning to look like the starting job is his to lose.” Costello even goes on to say that the only thing that would keep Smith from taking the reigns is if he can’t figure out the Jets’ offense.

With the drafting of Smith, many believed that he would immediately compete for the starting job, and while the decision is still a long ways away, his play to date has already started generating the talk.

If it seems like Mark Sanchez vs. Tim Tebow all over again, it’s because it is, except with a quarterback who has an NFL caliber throwing motion.

NBC Sports’ ProFootballTalk reports that Sanchez will receive the first snap of the first practice for the 2013 season, but after that, nothing is guaranteed. The quarterback competition will be open to Sanchez, Smith and veteran David Garrard, and if Sanchez doesn’t set himself apart, his time in New York will likely be done.

Obviously, the one thing keeping Sanchez in New York is his $8.75 million contract, but it is sounding more and more like the Jets are ready to bite the bullet and take the monetary hit to move on with the franchise. No team on the market for a quarterback is going to shell out that type of cash for an unproven quarterback, but also according to The New York Post, the Jets may be willing to take up to a $6 million hit.

Now the real question becomes, if Sanchez is traded, will Smith take the No. 6 jersey so head coach Rex Ryan doesn’t have to change/remove his tattoo?

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  • Jocelyn Lober

    PLEASE TRADE THE BUTTFUMBLE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! TRADE HIM!! Love, NY Jet fans. But seriously, I live on the east coast. No one wants him starting ever again on any team. He’s just not cut out to play under serious pressure and his emotionally and mental weakness will probably stop him from being anything other than a backup ever again. Not everyone is NFL starter material. We want Geno.