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NFL could set merchandise record with New York/New Jersey Super Bowl

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Cred: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

If you ever doubt that the NFL knows what it’s doing, just look at the numbers. Case-in-point: the league is primed to set a Super Bowl merchandise record by holding the game in New York/New Jersey.

According to Sports Business Journal, the NFL may sell more than $200 million worth of merchandise for this year’s game. The league hit the $200 million mark in 2012 for Super Bowl XLVI between the Patriots and New York Giants. It has hovered around the total in other years, though has never eclipsed it.

One boon to sales will be an NFL Shop at the Macy’s on 34th St. This is the first time the league has done such a venture. Aside from extra retail space, the move also affords buyers extra shopping days than in years past.

“Many years, we don’t open up [official Super Bowl retail sites] until the Thursday before the game,” [NFL senior vice president of consumer products Leo] Kane said, “so we’ll have eight additional days at Macy’s.”

The league is also capitalizing on fan worries of cold weather. It will offer an expanded merchandise selection, providing all kinds of warm apparel for people at the game.

“Our strategy is to make sure folks have all they need as it relates to outdoor weather gear and supplemental items that they might not have thought to bring,” Kane said. “That will certainly be a big part of our merchandise mix, particularly knit headwear and scarves.”

So while fans and media were in an uproar over low temperatures and the potential of a white Super Bowl, the NFL saw a different color: green.

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