NFL Rookies Are About To Cash In … Sort Of

Show Me The Money!

Remember the good old days when NFL rookies could hold out for ridiculous amounts of money?

Michael Crabtree, JaMarcus Russell, Emmitt Smith and Derrick Harvey: all brought attention to the NFL’s business side.

That was great.

Ten years ago Robert Gallery signed a 7-year contract worth upwards of $60 million. Just think how lucky Sam Bradford and Matt Stafford are for getting the last really large payouts. Sam Bradford will make $78 million if everything works out for him in St. Louis.


Well that ship has sailed my friends. The top picks in this year’s draft should make between $22 -$12 million, thanks to the new CBA. In fact, the guys at Over The Cap have a complete list of all of the expected rookie wages:

  1. Jadeveon Clowney – $22.3M
  2. Greg Robinson – $21.3M
  3. Blake Bortles – $20.6M
  4. Sammy Watkins – $19.9M
  5. Khalil Mack – $18.7M
  6. Jake Matthews – $16.5M
  7. Mike Evans – $14.6M
  8. Justin Gilbert – $12.8M
  9. Anthony Barr – $12.7M
  10. Eric Ebron – $12.3M

Although not as exciting, the new rookie wage scale is probably for the best. We wouldn’t want another Jason Smith on our hands.

As a reminder, these numbers are not official.

Who’s your favorite rookie bust?  Was it JaMarcus Russell?  Ryan Leaf?  Seriously, pick any draft and you’ll find at least two guys selected in the top-10 who got a lot of money for not a lot of work.