54-year-old woman plans to try out for Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader squad

You know it’s the offseason when stories like this pop up, but hey, we’re not ageists at Gamedayr, and this one may have some legs. A 54-year-old woman, Brenda Gold, plans to try out for the Cincinnati Bengals cheerleading squad, the Ben-gals.

According to USA Today, Gold recently appeared on “LIVE with Kelly and Michael” to get a new makeover in preparation for her tryouts. Apparently she won Strahan over, who commented, “Coming from a guy who came from sports, you can cheer for my team anytime.” So there’s that.

If nothing else, Gold’s desire to join the squad could generate some positive PR for the cheer team. The Ben-gals recently came under fire for their code of conduct that included such rules as: “No slouching breasts,” and “If you are benched for weight violations for more than two games and/or team events, you will be put on weight probation for three weeks,” and the unforgivable “No panties are to be worn under practice clothes or uniform, not even thong panties.” Allowing a 54-year-old mother to work out with the team may help brush back some of the sexist cloud hanging over the team.

Who knows if she’ll make it, but good for Gold to get out there and try. She’s a former volleyball player for the University of Kentucky, so it’s not like we’re talking about a slouch, or even one of those dancing granny squads. I’ll have to reach out to my buddy Bengal Batman to hear his thoughts, but for right now we say kudos and good luck, Ms. Gold. Way to go all Salley O’Malley on the world of sports.

  • brianshannon

    Does this mean that Cincy will be changing their name to the Cougars if she makes it? *rim shot*