Bryan Cox On ‘Hard Knocks’ Admits Shocking Age He Lost Virginity [NSFW]

Atlanta Falcons defensive line coach Bryan Cox grew up a bit faster than many of us. Actually, A LOT faster.

In the recent episode of HBO’s Hard Knocks, various players for the Falcons are busy with film study when Cox shows a picture of his 30-year old daughter.

Hearing this number, one of the players asks “Hey coach, how old are you?” to which Cox responded with, “46. I told you guys I started f*cking when I was 10.”

Warning: Clip is NSFW. 

The hell.

First of all, with a last name like Cox, I would imagine you already have a predetermined level of immaturity. But to essentially brag about banging other children while you were still a child yourself is undoubtedly shocking.

I get that not everyone grows up the same and, on a network like HBO, you can freely say those types of things. But c’mon man. Am I the only one who thinks a 10 year old boy should believe girls still have cooties at that age?

At the very least, Cox’s statement has been the most entertaining part of Hard Knocks so far this season.

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    Lying sack of shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhtttttttttttt!