God to Jets’ Demario Davis: The Team Will Do Something Special This Season

Third-year linebacker Demario Davis has a special relationship with the Almighty.

In 2013, Jets head coach Rex Ryan would pull Davis off to the side at the end of games to have him say a prayer for the team. At the time, Davis was on record saying that God had told him the Jets will do something special.

And for 2014, Davis is already saying “God says the Jets will do something special this season.”

In an interview with Kristian Dyer of Metro, Davis said it was more of a feeling rather than conversations he has with God saying:

“It’s not like a conversation you have with him individually, but it’s things you see every day. Last year, it was Gideon, about having faith to step out and be a leader and trust in God that he will show up. Now the second part of it, and this is the most important part of the season right here: faith, trusting that this season will be special. The big thing that keeps coming is that, ‘This is the season, this is the season. Believe in it, have faith.”

If you haven’t brushed up on your bible knowledge lately, Gideon was part of an army in Israel that faced off  against the Midianites who stood at tens of thousands. Through God’s might, Gideon and his army helped to fight the Midianites until they only had 300 soldiers left through the selective process of only using soldiers in the army of Israel that believed in their cause.

A devout Christian, Davis compares the Jets’ struggles last year to Gideon and his faith, holding true to the message that players must believe in themselves first and foremost.

“Everything is in faith and I have faith that everything that comes to my heart and spirit is from God. It’s not like you hear his voice in the sky; it’s a spirit thing. And the word I’m getting for us this year is ‘believe.’”

Perhaps Davis has room to believe. Despite the quarterback situation with Geno Smith and Michael Vick, the Jets added former Broncos’ wide receiver Eric Decker in the offseason, and Rex Ryan continues to be a voice of leadership in the locker room.

Davis will likely continue his conversations with God throughout the season and be source of inspiration to the team … just like another source of inspiration: the mad Irishman from Braveheart.