Joe Montana Thinks The Seattle Seahawks Could Be The Next NFL Dynasty

Joe Montana won four Super Bowl rings with the San Francisco 49ers. So it’s safe to say that he knows what a potential dynasty looks like.

During an appearance on NLF Network’s “NFL Total Access,” Montana said the Seattle Seahawks have the “capability” to become the next dynasty in the NFL.

“I think they have the capability to. When you look at the way the team is put together, they’re young, they’re aggressive; their coach is very aggressive and upbeat. Anytime you can make going to work fun, even though you’re playing as I say ‘a stupid game for a living,’ it makes going to that facility every day really a joy. When you’re having fun at what you’re doing, you’re always a lot better at it.”

The Seahawks have a great core of players and have proven that they know how to win. If they can stay together – and healthy – Montana’s prophecy could come true. But that might be easier said than done now that defensive susperstar Richard Sherman is going to be gracing the cover of Madden 15.

I don’t know what pill is harder for 49ers fans to swallow: the fact that Joe Montana is endorsing the enemy or the fact that his prediction is probably spot on.

Enjoy that new stadium in Santa Clara, guys!

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