Olivia Munn Calls Out Reporter After Story About Relationship “Affecting” Aaron Rodgers

Several years ago, the scorn and hate from fans of the Dallas Cowboys was squarely pointed at pop singer Jessica Simpson for her relationship with the struggling quarterback, Tony Romo. Now, fans of the Green Bay Packers are doing the same thing with actress Olivia Munn, who is dating their quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

One ESPN writer, Rob Demovsky, made a list of reasons for Rodgers’ struggles of late. Many of them legitimate football reasons) … and one dealt with her personal life:

“There’s no indication that Rodgers’ relationship status has changed. Lions reporters said they spotted Rodgers’ girlfriend, actress Olivia Munn, at Lambeau Field on Sunday. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that professional athletes have lives away from the field, and you never know what could be going on in their personal lives.”

Munn didn’t take that laying down and responded to Demovsky directly:

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