Photo: Car spotted with ‘Matt Schaub’ hanging out back of trunk

If there’s anything we’ve learned over the course of the 2013 NFL season, it’s that Texans fans are fed up – and then some – with quarterback Matt Schaub.

How upset are they? Well, one fan was spotted driving around with “Matt Schaub” piled in their trunk.

How quickly the times change.

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  • dingusIMnot

    It amazes me that Houston fans are this out of control. I mean im from Philly(so this would be national news if we did this) but why is houston so fed up. Even when you were the Oilers you were never that great. Flashes of good but never great. And now you blame schaub, i could have told you five yrs ago this guy was not gonna get it done for ya. Not his fault hes maxed out. But have some class, this is embarrassing you guys can blame this one guy for decades of mediocrity. We blamed McNabb for alot but we were great ful for his ability that he showed day in and day out.

    • Jason Bradley

      tell me one thing great about your filthy city besides a friggin sandwich. the giants and the cowboys wipe their arses with jaworskis,cunningham, mcnabbs and vicks jerseys

  • smed0206

    Never mistake the Oilers with the Texans! Oilers are the Titans and we’ve gone to a Superbowl and had a few good play-off runs

  • Pudgy Ashburton

    Screw you Texan fans. Try being a Brown’s fan for 20+ years. You’ll know frustratiion.

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  • Courtney L.

    The problem is that everybody thinks that every single Texans fan feels this way and is pulling this kind of stuff and we are not. I’m not happy with his performance but I stand behind my team plain and simple. These “fans” are getting out of control.