Texans’ DeAndre Hopkins Fined $6K For Wearing Yeezy Cleats

Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins was one of the lucky NFL players to receive a pair of Yeezy 350 Boosts cleats designed by Kanye West.

They’re a cool looking pair of shoes, which is why Hopkins brought them out during the Houston Texans’ season opener last week. But, it seems like the league doesn’t share the same fashion sense as Hopkins or West as they fined the wide receiver for wearing the cleats.

Hopkins was issued a $6,000 fine earlier this week for wearing the “Turtle Dove” Yeezys. Although designed beautifully, the cleats broke NFL uniform policy, which states cleats have to have a solid base color.

When asked if he’d wear the cleats again, Hopkins had the perfect answer. He said he wouldn’t wear the cleats again unless, “Kanye wants to pay the fine.”

Seeing as Kanye claims he’s in debt, I doubt he’d want that extra expense.

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